Welcome to the, what is it, fourth? incarnation of Flay.Com. The old site was a bear to manage and didn’t reflect my present interests. Between a job, wife, family (well, four rescue cats and a bouncy little dog) and a crack-like addiction to motorcycles, if I’m going to type for free, I damn well better enjoy it.

I’ll say it up front, the plug-in database is unlikely to come back. I had the gig for ten years or so, others have picked up the slack. They’re not hard to build, but to maintain long term, well, that’s a different matter. A constant slog.

Postings here will more closely relate to my present personal interests and, unfortunately for some readers, personality. Now, for starters….

The dog needs a walk. Later.

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  1. Yay!

    I knew keeping Flay as my home page in Firefox would pay off!

    Glad to see Flay active again.

    An incredible resource for all LightWave users.

    Best Regards,

    • Well, I wouldn’t call it active quite yet. The old site was just too cumbersome to run and didn’t reflect my present interests. This will not be the old Flay.Com I’m afraid…

      • Hi Chris, at least you’re still around doing stuff. It’s always nice to see what the people in the ‘community’ are up to. Will be visiting from time to time. Thanks for everything!

  2. oh man.. I’m glad this is being updated.. 🙂 when will it be up ?

  3. I hope you keep the listing of lightwave plugins and such.

  4. Glad to see you’re still around… been missing my Flay updates.

  5. Plsssss keep plugin listings… this site is indispensable.

  6. Hi Christopher,
    I can not remerber time for I’m read Flay and discover some Lw plug’s amazing !
    Like me, i think than nine hundred thousand guy over the word follow you since… 1998 ?
    Anyway, I understand you how is hard to keep alive Flay.
    So Thank U very very much for the time U give to us during so long time.

    Have a happy new year 2011, kiss your family and dont forget the dog ^^
    A French Guy !
    (sorry for the mistake)

  7. Hey Christopher, glad youre kinda back, although i miss like most of the people your excellent work on the LW plugin database. But on the other hand its nice to see some dedication to italian motorcycles instead.

  8. Thank you for having followed LW news and helped it’s 3rd party community!
    It’s good to think about yourself sometimes.
    What motorcycle do you own?
    I own a Triumph Bonneville T100 that I have pimped a lot 🙂

  9. No no no no!
    Please keep the database online. Even if you don’t update it. It’s an indispensable source of LW plugins!

  10. OOPS! I just came back for a plug in search and, well, no database any more, even though I am very happy you are updating it, was a bit disappointed it was out of date for a while… Keep it up!

  11. BTW, I am another motorcycle freak myself, so I know what you mean!!!…Riding a BMW GS1200 right now but can’t wait to get my ass on a Kawasaki ZR-1400 any soon!…

  12. any chances we get the RSS back? It was nice to get the updates with my google reader before.

    • I’ll work on the RSS, thanks Albin, I didn’t notice.

      • Rss2 link should be there now!

  13. Just wanna say, thanks for being the shining beacon in the plugin swamp for LW for so long time, and i think your doing the right thing by moving on, will still keep on visiting the site ^_^


  14. I understand man. Sometimes you just have to change course. Thanks for all of the hard work over the years. Flay.com was always the best resource.

  15. I run a 3D website, and use Lightwave myself.

    If you’d like, you can send me (or we can arrange for it to be uploaded) the database and site files and I can archive the Plug-ins, and maybe even keep it active.

    Let me know if you’ d like to do this (BTW, we’ve been around awhile, since 1999, so it’s not like we’re some new kids on the block offering this LOL )

    • There is good amount of content in the database that was sent or created with express consent to use on Flay. Because of that, I can’t simply hand over the database for somebody else to publish. Nor am I willing to go through and edit out what can and can’t be handed over.

      It’s a matter of respecting others intellectual property.