Building a Fedora 14 box and thought I’d just keep all my reference links in one place this time. Might be helpful if you’re building a Linux workstation for the fist time (or are just forgetful like me :-).

Tuning Solid State drives in Linux

Intel Sandy Bridge 82579 driver

Fedora 14 Nvidia Drivers Install Guide

Disable SeLinux on Fedora 14

Enable Fire Sharing with Windows via Samba

Hard Disk Clone with “dd” (dd if=/dev/sda5 of=/media/Data/disk1.img).

Maya 2012 Installation works as per Autodesk’s guide, except for having to add the following to Fedora 14 :

APCUPSD Manual (for control of UPS’s)

Intel 82579v (Asus P8P67) Fedora 14 Driver Install

nspluginwrapper and flash install

And finally, moving my tempdir to a much larger volume then starting up Houdini (which really eats up the space on big sims!). It will be slower over a NFS mount, but until I get a dedicated cache disk, it will have to do:


Overclock a Linux box? You’ll want to monitor temps (even if you don’t overclock, it’s a good idea to check every once in awhile).

How to get linux sensors information

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  1. dd without specifying blocksize is awfully slow (byte/byte) and will cause a lot of sector rereads / overwrites for each sector / block
    much better is to use the the standard 512bytes ( +2TB drives now often use 4k ) blocks.

    so instead of

    dd if=/dev/sda5 of=/media/Data/disk1.img
    dd if=/dev/sda5 of=/media/Data/disk1.img bs=512