Not the most exciting of days, managed to get Banshee installed and my music library copied to the NAS. I’ll go crazy unless I have a bit of music playing while I work. Banshee is pretty nice, Ladytron is sounding good. Though after a bit of exploration, I’ve decided to move to OGG Vorbis format for my future encoding. MP3 playback isn’t really “free” and seeing as I’m playing in linux-land now, I might as well move to another well supported format (it seems the default for many applications). Quality is supposed to be better as well. We’ll see.

Snagged a copy of an app called Grsync, a graphical front-end to rsync, a (funnily enough), file synchronization application. Easy to use and once I allowed it to run as root, it could backup everything nicely. And quickly, wow.

The bulk of the day was replacing my disc imaging application. dd was proving a bit arcane, partimage doesn’t support the ext4 filesystem, so I created a bootable USB key to launch Clonezilla. Easy to navigate and I simply backed up my entire 120 gig SSD (Windows7/Fedora dual boot) in one go. While Macrium Reflect has been serving me well at home, I might consider moving to Clonezilla wholesale.

Now to pick up the lapdog and go off to a vendor demonstration (Nuke and Mari).

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  1. Ya , Backup is important